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You are Artistic
You are Artistic
You are different and out there, you have a creative and artistic personality.You have a keen sense in arts.You are a meister,Partner:Mika a simple sword. Age: 16 BF:Kid. BFF(s): Liz, Maka. ~What they think of you~ Soul: _'s pretty cool to hang around, but can be critical.~ Maka:she really nice, fun to hang out with, and a great inspiration. ~Black*Star: She okay, I guess. She keeps stealing my spotlight Tsubaki: Really nice.DTK:Asymmetrical, but I love her Liz&Patti: One word awesome.
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Ppgz and Rrbz Personality Quiz
If you were to be a ppgz or rrbz which would it be it? Find out who you're most like here!
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