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Jade: sits in corner of room rocking back and forth, eyes on the floor.
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Name: Jade Everheart
Age: 17
Disorder: She has many problems that are to be helped: Such as; She is murderous and believes that people are trying to harm her (don't know how to spell it) She expects that everybody hates her so she shuts down and goes into depression.
Job: patient
Family: Parents and sister
Back Story: She was a depressed child and still is. Her parents were abusive and her sister was taken away from them at the age of 4. She was sent to the asylum and is now See More▼
on March 09, 2015
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Asylum RP
Come to the Hansfield Rehabilitation Center for those with Disorders or more properly known as the Hansfield Asylum. If you feel crazy, this is the place to be.
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