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Funniest Moments!
Everyone has a very funny moment! Come here and share it! So, LET THE LAUGHTER BEGIN! XP
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The Kissa Show
Heya Qfeast! Have a good time and check in to be featured in my stories, quizzes and questions! Have fun, chat with me and others and when you have your member request will be accepted. (harsh but recpectable words)
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Those Awkward Moments...
I got this idea when I was searching through my gallery and noticed a picture of a VERY awkward moment. Anyways, LET THE AWKWARDNESS BEGIN! XD
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Not Fake? Show me!!
I'm fake, that photo is not really me. But here, I will post contests, where you can find out if people are faking, and I know that Qfeast can't be all truthful. This is the worst page ever, but QFEAST can delete it, not me. :D
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That Moment When...
This is the page for all those strange, irritating, crazy and funny moments!
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