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The Girl
The young girl stood starring in horror as a long tentacle reached round the door. It reached out, smothering her in tar. She blacked out. When the girl came round she realised she was in a sparsely lighted room. It was completely empty apart from the chair she was bound to. There was no door, no entrance and no exit. Just a small boarded up window. Nothing could come in and nothing could escape, including her. She just sat chained to the chair in the middle of the room. She cried for help, n...
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the next victim
She sat bolt upright in bed, her breathing shallow and restless. The thing on the ceiling smiling just as it had before. By now the house stank of rotting flesh and the once cream rug, had turned brown as the blood had dried. The corps in the door way reminded her of the power the thing had over her. The house was quiet. The only noises were from the tar dripping down from the ceiling and an almost silent whimper in pain as the rusted knife tried to pierce her skin. She never had any visitors...
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The thing on the ceiling
a creepy pasta fan fiction. you will just have to read it. slightly weird!
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