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Team Peeta or Team Gale??!!
I pick Peeta all the WAY!!!!<3 Whos your favorite and why?!!!
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Do u like ur parents or do u wish u could get totally new parents?!
I love my parents I couldn't ask for better but what about u tell me about ur family lol
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Do your parents check your email?!
My parents check my email alllll the time I don't care but I wanted to know if anyone else has super protective parents!!!:)
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How do you upload pics from an iPod touch?!
The only way I get on this is by my iPod touch and I need to know a way to upload pics from it if it's possible!!;)
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When someone says something mean to you what is your response?!
People try picking arguments with me all the time and I never have a good comeback what are some good responses?!:/
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What is your favorite book?!
My Language Arts teacher is always telling me I need to read a full book and every book I get is BORING!!! So please I need suggestions!! BTW I already read The Hunger Games!!:)
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Does anyone know how to get into a locked house?!
I'm stuck outside my house right know cuz I forgot my key and I need to get in!!!:(
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Have you ever had a really bad cough, that when you do cough it hearts your chest?!
I have a really bad cough and (cough cough) every time I do cough my chest starts herting really bad like Somone is stabbing me so I want to know (cough cough) if you have any tips of getting rid of it fast because I have a den...
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What do you do when Somone just stands in the middle of the hallway not moving?!
There is this girl who just stands there talking every day and it makes me late to class, so today i told her to move in a mean way! But now I kinda feel bad so what should I do?!
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How do you fall asleep without medicine?!
I've been having trouble sleeping and I was wondering if you had any tips for falling asleep!!:) thanks!!:)
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Tell me your opinion of JB!!!:)
I love him and I want to know if any one else does!!!
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What color shirt should I wear with my multicolor pants?!
I have these really cute pants that are multicolor so if u have any suggestions on what to wear please tell me!!:)
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What are some healthy snacks?!
I'm trying to lose weight and I don't know what to eat that is health!!:)
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Is it just me or is it awkward when teachers get in your face and yell at you?!
I talked back to my teacher (a guy) and he got in my face and yelled at me! Weird right?!
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Is it possible to lick your elbow?!?!?
i know it sounds like a silly question but i want to know if anyone has done it, cuz' i CAN NOT!!!
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