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Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby [Deluxe Edition] LYRICS
Lyrics to the songs from the Melanie Martinez album "Cry Baby [Deluxe Edition]" I own Nothing in this story, I just really love this album and its meaning in the lyrics of every song Enjoy~
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PhemieC Homestuck Fansong Lyrics
None of the songs are mine, the Lyrics are from other songs by PhemieC, who is a lovely artist and I love her work So Here are a few of the songs (More will come later, just not now)
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Steven Universe Song Lyrics
Lyrics to every Steven Universe song (with lyrics) These songs aren't in the order as they were shown on the show, sorry about that Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar
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Rant About Frozen
Well, I hate Frozen, and I found this lengthy passage on Tumblr and can't post it any where on Qfeast because it's too long, so, I'm putting it into a story. These are all the reason Frozen was a God awful movie that shouldn't ...
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