~Hi~ !y name is Alice or Lucy! Lucy is my middle name and most popular nickname so whatever! I'm single and Bi so don't judge. I'm thirteen and I do have an abusive mom so don't judge See More▼
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anime girl maker
If you want me to make you an anime girl come here! Hair: skin color: mouth: nose: accessories: hat:
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on January 10, 2015
Girl: Why do I save everyone else, when I know there will be no one to save me?
Boy: What do you mean?
Girl: When it comes to others, I push aside my feelings to help the ones around me, no matter if it will hurt me in the end or not.
Boy: Oh I see...
Girl: Why do I do that?
Boy: Your a very strong person. I see it, but sometimes, they need to not care if they get hurt. If you need to hurt them to make you happy in the process, do it. I know it's hard but it's how I got here. See More▼
on January 10, 2015
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on January 06, 2015