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Daring Do in Equestria Girls!
I just realized who Daring Do in Equestria Girls is while looking for a picture of Daring Do for my poll! I saw her just standing there in the movie!
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What website or app do you use to draw online?
I sorta want to start drawing my pictures for contests online sometimes, so I'm wondering what websites or apps you guys use to make yours! I see a lot of good online art, so, yeah! :)
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MLP: A Bird in the Hoof episode
I just noticed something while watching Season 1 Episode 22 A Bird in a Hoof. When Fluttershy is worrying about being late to Celestia's thing, she wonders if she should wear something fancy. Did anyone else notice that Pinkie'...
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Background Ponies? Answer here or Background Ponies page
Okay, so I don't really know anything about background ponies, and I'd like to learn some. Answer here or on my Background Ponies page. Please tell me about some well known background ponies.
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