About XxRebelAngelxX

  • Hi my name is Hayley c:
    I accept everyone for who they are without judging them (like if you are a different sexuality, religion, practices, etc. I respect everyone as long as they don't criticize or disrespect my friends or me)
    I am straight but support
    I am catholic BUT

    I am from America (even though, in my genes I am many things like German, Native American, French, Russian, Norwegian, Roman, etc.)
    I enjoy-
    Writing poetry :3
    Video games:
    1. ANYTHING EA/Bioware
    2. Mortal Kombat
    3. Soul calibur
    4. Bioshock
    5. I have more than a hundred games soo...
    -Black Butler
    -Rosario + Vampire
    1. Star Wars (I have all movies and starships :3)
    2. Harry Potter
    3. Insidious (1/2 it is creepy and I love it :3)
    4. X-Men
    5. And tons more..

    . Everything except country (I listen to mostly heavy metal, classic rock, an dubstep or electronica)
    -Cannibal Corpse
    -Suicide Silence (Rock In Peace Mitch ;3)
    -AND THOUSANDS more :D

    Add me on Xbox maybe? :3
  • Gender Female
  • Lives in United States
  • Works at My band ( I created it but we all share leadership: I am singer and backup guitarist)
  • Joined Qfeast on November 05, 2013