I love art, animation, and anime. (Hmm, see a connection? *cough cough*) I also love animals and music, and my talents consist of art, writing, and voice acting. My favorite shows include See More▼
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How would you describe Steven Universe to a potential viewer of the show with no prior knowledge?
So while trying to introduce my stepdad to Steven Universe, I realized how difficult it was to explain the magic and physics in the show. So here's my question: How would you explain Steven Universe to a viewer who is intereste...
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on February 28, 2016
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Which MLP FIM background character are you?
Are you a charming and silly pony like Derpy Hooves? An epic, but soft spoken pony like Vinyl Scratch? Or a mysterious and adorable pony such as Bon Bon? It's time to find out! Pls keep in mind that this is my first quiz, so wh...
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on January 09, 2016
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on January 03, 2016