About The_Fantastic_Three

  • Hello Qfeast! We are obviously the Fantastic Three. Or, y'know, three teenagers that like writing. However you want to look at it.

    Hello people of Qfeast! I'm Neil, and I'm one of the awesome writers that form the epically epic Fantastic Three. I write the little bits of romance you might occasionally find in our stories. Yeah, I'm warning you I suck at writing romance, but that's what I got stuck having to write. Enjoy my sucky romance!

    Hello Qfeastians, or whatever you're called! I'm Adrian, and I was the reason this account was created (not to brag, or anything). I really enjoy writing action stories, and stuff that relates to action. Anyways, welcome to our account.

    Hey, I'm Mary. I love pizza and writing. Yeah, that's pretty much it. So yeah, enjoy our stories (when we publish them).
  • Joined Qfeast on December 30, 2015