Look what personality I've got! What about you?___Yay! I got Gandalf the Grey!
You are Gandalf the Grey!
You are Gandalf the Grey!
(You lucky little punk.) In your group of friends, you're most likely the brains of the group. Smart and clever, you are also very courageous and are not afraid to fight for who you love, even if some of your loved ones get on your nerves a LOT. You don't exactly get along well with stubborn people and smart alecks. You're pretty much a force to be reckoned with. [Fun fact: In a poll on Buzzfeed, "Gandalf vs. Dumbledore", Gandalf actually beat Dumbledore in a fight. I agree. See, Dumbledore was killed by a mortal man. Gandalf {Spoilers!} survived a fight with a BALROG. In short, Gandalf is better than Dumbledore.]
on May 27, 2015