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The Mayor's Office! (The City Of Qfeast!)
The Mayor of the City! Only One Person can be Mayor! Try running for Mayor and if so, Hire a body guard! The People of Qfeast will help you be the best Mayor Yet!
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Acting Street! (The City Of Qfeast!)
Welcome To Acting Street in The City of Qfeast! You can audition for movies, hang out with friends, and more!
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Character Submission
Yup Im doing it. Making a story, but I need characters! Thats where YOU come in! Make a character however you like and i'll see if its evil or not :OO I think this story is gonna be my main focus, so you'll be able to see it if...
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Bendy...and the INK Machine...Fan Page
WHO DOESNT LIKE BENDY? That little devil...with his angel demon girlfriend and supposedly Boris friend sheep thing! WOOHOOO! Bendy! Bendy! Bendy!
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