About TheDreamer

  • Hi.

    I could describe myself as... Imaginative. Creative. Curious. I'm a lot of adjectives, okay? I don't want people to come on here and judge.

    I'm not new to Qfeast. Does anybody know SuperSnow? Yeah, that's me.
    Why am I making this new account? I don't know.
    Am I quitting SuperSnow? No.

    I feel like you guys will get to know me better on here.
    Just stay open, listen carefully, and maybe create something.

    Listen. What do you hear? No, I'm not trying to be cheesy, just really listen. Listen good. I hear a lawn mower. I hear my sister's twinkling laugh. I hear my fan. Boring, right?
    Listen closer.
    I hear the tap of my fingers on the keyboard. I hear the hum of the AC. I hear the sing-song of the birds.
    If it's possible, I hear imagination.

    I'm crazy, I know.
  • Gender Female
  • Born on September 09, 1991
  • Lives in United States
  • Joined Qfeast on May 06, 2015