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Should I keep drawing in my style or the MLP show's style?
I want an honest opinion, when I look at my work and then look at the work of others I just don't like mine.... I draw with a kind of adjusted chibi style, but I just want to draw in a way everyone including me will enjoy, but ...
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Do you agree with this pic?
So, I'm really short... My friends all tower over me, but apparently I'm the right size for my age :/ IDK, so what do you all think? Do you prefer short, tall, or medium girls? I know this question is random, but I really wanna...
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How do you feel about school uniforms?
My school has uniforms and half of the students absolutely hate it (including me) and the other half loves/excepts it. I just wanna know if you do or do not agree with it, and if you do, why?
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Are you an Umbreon X Espeon fan?
Do you approve of the Umbreon and Espeon shipping? I'm a big fan, and I personally give a big thumbs up to this pair! I just got bored and decided to ask what you guys thought about this pokemon couple. :3
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