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Should my graphic novel be set in Japan or England?
Hey I plan on creating my own manga series but need some extra opinions, I can't decide whether it should be set in Japan or England it's going to be a supurenatural action fantasy story where monsters have taken over the world.
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Does anyone have any good post hardcore or metalcore band suggestions?
Some of the bands I listen to are Bring me the horizon Bullet for my valentine Avenged sevenfold Strangers to wolves Watch this burn Like moths to flames The animal in me Breaking Benjamin.
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Hello everyone I plan to start a youtube channel, but everytime I try a name it already exists any suggestions?
The channel is going to feature vlogs, gaming, challenges,pranks, and lots of randomness.
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Do you believe in the paranormal?
Have you ever had a paranormal experience or ever experienced anything you believe was something of the paranormal?
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