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Should Qfeast have an app?
If we complain enough, maybe the creators will make it happen, so let's blow this up
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Are you a gamer gal?
Most of us guys like a girl who at least knows what COD stands for. I'm-a just-a sayin, Its-a me, MADIO :D
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Would you be ok with a guy smacking your butt? (GIRLS ONLY)
Imagine that the most attractive guy at your school, or wherever, did a drive by ass smack on you, would you attack him, scream at him, or just enjoy it. (I'm just a curious boy, I wont try it)
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Are you good at making minecraft skins?
IF you are, can you please make me a robot skin. If you have the time
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What instrument do you play/wanna play
Details (Optional)
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