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Empires SMP Oneshots
This is gonna be mostly flower husbands lol Of course with some jizzie and stuff like that Requests open!
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Who would wanna date a zombie? Apparently a serial killer. The worlds gone to shatters and destruction, in the middle of a zombie apocolypse, how will these two find love?
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The Beginning Of The End
A story I decided to make about the end of Qfeast. Inspired by my good friendo @ZEROE. This is all fictional lol.
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Shuiy's Diary
This is mostly just me venting becuase life sucks. It'll have some other stuff about my daily life tho so cool ig.
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My Danganronpa AU's in a book!
This book is me ranting about all my danganronpa AU's! This is AU's of V3, THH, and GD. And of my own danganronpa fan games! So... enjoy!
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Danganronpa Oneshots!
Just a story of a bunch of danganronpa one shots! I'll do: Character x Character x Readers Oc x Oc Character x Oc ect. Genre's: Fluff Angst S m u t Lime ect. Please request!
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