Hi everyone I'm Savvy and I'm a young author. I hope to one day either be an author or Equine Vet, maybe a lawyer. I'm single, planning on (if I even do decide kids are tolerable) adopting See More▼
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Chapter Two
"Did you just call me Reggie?" Tears begin to well in my eyes.
"Yeah, I guess-" I don't hear him finish. I run out of the gas station, my eyes spilling over with tears. I go right back to the motel room and throw myself over the bed.
There is a knock on my door about a half an hour later. I furiously wipe away stray tears as the door swings open with a creak.
"You forgot to grab your food," Sam's familiar voice says cautiously. I hear the crinkly paper bag be sat on the table. I remain turn...
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Years In The Dark
Regan Anderson is a hunter with a traumatic back story. When she decides to let someone in and fix her, it's Sam Winchester. Everything is perfect until Sam is hit by a car and looses all memory of her. It drives her over the e...
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