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Little mix info? (and other celebs)
K, so I was thinking of doing a "which little mix member would be your beastie?" personality quiz and also a "which one direction member should you date?" But I was wondering - where do you get the info about these celebs to ma...
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Ideas for Christmas cards
K I'm gonna make lots and it'll take me a while cos I take my art seriously! Plz give me some lovely/cute/unique ideas. You can tell me the "feel" of the picture and also the "feel" of the colours to use if you want. You can a...
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What you getting people for Christmas?
Plz answer I'm really curious! Mine: Mum - Trading places DVD and blue green and red and other colours Christmas jumper Dad - PS3 gun and James bond game Sister - onesie Brother-in-law - everton golf giftset Brother - coloured...
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Top 10 Christmas sings
What are your top 10? plz include artists: Mine: happy Xmas (war is over) John and yoko, I wish it could be Christmas every day Wizzard, do they know it's Christmas? (feed the world) band aid, have yourself a merry little Chri...
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