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Dakota Jahagon
It was dark when they arrived at Leo's house and Liesel was hugging her arms tightly to her chest. The door opened when Leo knocked on it, to reveal a small woman wrapped in a shawl, with blonde hair tied into a small ponytail. Her delicate frame looked as if it could smash at any sudden movement. “Leo?” she asked. Despite her miniature appearance, her voice sounded strong. “Who is
this? The whole family has been panicking. You were meant to be back an hour ago! An hour!”
“Ma, don't panic.”
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What colour are your eyes?
My eyes are really strange colour and everybody says I'm weird because of them. What colour are your eyes?
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The Kiss
As she ran, the heave in her chest hurt more and more. She stopped, and clutched at a tree for support. A twig snapped and she spun around. The boy was standing, there, grinning at her.
"Have you been following me?" she asked cautiously, her heart pounding.
"You expected me just to leave you alone in the woods?" His smile faded, replaced by a frown.
"You didn't seem to like me that much."
"Just because I followed you, it doesn't mean I like you."
Liesel raised her eyebrows and converted he...
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Branches snapped back, the wind howled as the eight year old girl ran desperately through the trees, cuts running down her pale arm.
"Stop it!" she shouted, still running. Someone was behind her, her senses were telling her. Her senses were always right. "Stop it now!" Her pursuer stopped suddenly and curiosity got the better of her. Swinging round, she saw the pale figure staring at her.
"Who are you?" she asked the boy, staring at her. His hair was fair and ruffled. His eyes were blue and...
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The same dream returned but this time, her father was joining her mother on the bed and the two of them were scarred and injured. Liesel, once more awoke but this time, controlled her screams. She probed the flesh inside her cheek and tasted the metallic taste of blood, suggesting that she had been biting it. Slowly, she rolled over and got up, yawning and massaging her temples, hoping to rid of the throbbing headache pounding against her skull. Gun shots came from outside the tent and Liesel...
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Red Mist
Liesel is fighting. Her face is as pale as snow. Her hair is as black as coal. Her lips as red as blood. She is a single rose in the midst of a war. And she will fight. Oh, she will fight.
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