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Aproxamently how many Qfeasters are there out there?
I was browsing popular Qfeasters, and saw that one of them broke the thousands in followers. That stured up this question. Is there really thousands of them, or just a handful with alts?
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why is there gravity?
It keeps us on earth, keeps elements in place, heck it imprisones everything. Why does it exist, and if its caused by mass, why isn't there gravity in space, since its huge.
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why do we wear cloths?
Ever since we existed, we have worn clothing. From shirts and pants, to animal fur. Why do we do this? Also why do we feel embarrassed when we don't?
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what is the best tf2 class?
I don't play it, but I've heard many arguments of which one is in fact, the best. What do you think?
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does the moon from legend of zelda, orcarena of time really pose a threat?
So, a giant moon is hurling at your village, huh? Everyone running around, panicing. Is it really necessary that someone "saves" a village from a lump of smiling spacerock?
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do insects sleep?
Mammals do, birds do, heck even reptiles do. But do small bugs like crickets sleep?
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