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Have you been bullied?
How severe was it and in what ways were you bullied? How has it affected you and have you recovered?
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What is the most disturbing word you know?
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What is your dream?
Write what you wish would happen, what you want to be,ect. Be as creative as you want!
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Seriously! does anyone else get a feeling something really, really, bad is gonna happen?!?
Im scared i get this feeling everytime something bad is going to happen, And everytime i get the feeling something bad happens. Am i really the only one that gets this feeling?! I think im going insane! the feeling isnt anxiety...
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Is this currently happening to anyone else? where everyone is acting really strange?
Im scared, first off everyone is acting ... different, and not in a good way. then only half the kids at my school came to school. Also there has been almost no noise, no birds, no natrual movement. Just only man made objects m...
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Can Vampires sense Werewolves?
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What is your oppinion on religion?
Waffle pie ceiling fan pizza tree house
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