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Who is your least favorite character of Death Note?
Mines Demegawa >:( favorites are in order: Mello, L, Near, Misa, Sidoh, Rem/Ryuk ...
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does anyone but me know who Beyond Birthday is?
lazy drawing included
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Is Hetalia ongoing and is it long?
I wanna watch it
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favorite anime couple?
They gotta be cannon guys. So no ships! My favorite is Hiramaru and Aoki from Bakuman! they are so adorable.
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How long does it take for 'BRB' to turn into 'GTG'
do any of you know this
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what would you guys think if i made a page where i take requests for fan art or OCs
(check profile for general skill level)
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Whats your favorite soundtrack?
TV, movie, anime, anything.
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Whats your New Years resolution?
Self harm...
My sister had depression a few years ago and a couple of months ago I saw unnatural scarring on her hand. The scars are old so I am assuming that it was from when she had depression, though I don't think my parents know. If she...
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Favourite anime?
Mine is death note as you can see from my profile :P (not gonna change my mind)
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