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Team Ashy or Team Bramble? Who do you support?
Brambleclaw! he's leader and awesome and strong and...
Ashfur! I miss him! He would have been perfect with squirrel flight! I don't care you tried to kill cats, I love ya!
Squirrelflight bruh! She's boss B)
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on May 19, 2015
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on February 08, 2015
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What warrior cat are you most like?
Greystripe, Bluestar, Firestar, Silverstream, Ashfur, Jayfeather, Brambleclaw, Lionblaze, Tigerstar, Hollyleaf, Crowfeather, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Mosskit and many other of your favorite cats. Which one are you most like?
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on February 08, 2015