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Um, what is a good title for my anime TV show?
The story is about 2 girls who find out they have magic powers and try to rescue their mothers from certain doom. Right now, I am calling it "Best Precure" but I was wondering if there was a better name. Plz tell me! It must ha...
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What star/zodiac sign are you?
I'm Pisces
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If Hermione is so smart, why is she in Griffindor?
Hermione should be in Ravenclaw.
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Can muggles do magic? (See Description)
In the first Harry Potter book, Professor Dumbledore said that music was a magic beyond all wizard's levels or something like that. But he definitely said that music was magic. Where am I going with this? Muggles can do music, ...
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Do you have a dream wizarding school?
What is it's name? Where will it be? How will it be disguised? What are your subjects? How will you run it?
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Is the Harry Potter series good or bad?
I was just wondering because I like it so much... ARE THE BOOKS GOOD OR THE MOVIES!? answer this if you want.
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