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oh what a waste of a perfectly good clean wrist

Jeff's P.O.V

I laid on the couch. I was SO sore from last night. I threw a blanket over my head, falling asleep.

Crystals P.O.V

Jeff fell asleep, so I walked to Alex's and Ben's room. I knocked.
"Come in!" Alex said. I walked in and BEN was cuddled up in Alex's side.
I hoped next to Alex and sat on his lap.
"Dad's dead." I whispered quickly.
"WHAT?" Alex said.
"Dads d-dead." I cried. BEN walked into his bathroom, fixing his appearance.
"I'm so happy I h-have yo-you." Alex cried. Tears we...
on May 26, 2014
Jeff's P.O.V

Me and Crystal were in the middle of a make out session. She stopped for breath.
"Hey Benny can you pass me the remote." EJ asked. BEN handed EJ the remote. He Started to watch regular show. Alex and BEN were cuddled up in blankets, making out, as always. I rubbed crystals tummy. She put her head on my chest. I rubbed her back. She soon fell asleep. I played with her hair. Her hair was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Alex and Crystal look a lot alike. I gently put Crystal down on the couch. I wal...
on May 24, 2014
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Ben's P.O.V

I woke up. I was in Jeff's arms. I struggled to get out of his grip.
"YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" Jeff chuckled. I yelped. Jeff started kissing my neck. I moaned. He sat up.
"Damnit BEN. F*ck me." He groaned.
"Wait what?" I asked.
"F*ck me as hard as you can." He ordered me.
"N-No!" I yelled. He ran his hand up my tunic.
"F*ck me." He said again.
"J-JEFF! P-Please!" I begged. He began to rub me.
"I'm just playing Benny. So whatsup?" He asked, taking his hand out.
"Nothing mu...
on May 24, 2014
So this chapter is gonna contain some inappropriate yea, if labeled the inappropriate things for ya

Crystals P.O.V

"Wake up Jeffy-poo." I said. It was 7:00 pm. He woke up from a long nap. He was in his hoodie and pajama pants and I was in my shorts and a sweater. I was laying on top if Jeff. I rubbed his hips.
"I love you so much." I said.
"But I love you more~"


"No I love you more." I giggled, clutching the waist ba...
on May 23, 2014
So people been messaging me to do a "flashback" of Jeff, Ben's and EJ's threesome....(XD) so I'll be doing that soon
on May 23, 2014
Jeff's P.O.V

I opened the bathroom door and saw, EJ covered in blood, standing over a victim. That victim was...MY MOM! Even though I killed her, Slendy brung her back to life, and he erased her memory. This was not EJ. He cocked his head to the side, giving me a evil smile. Liu hid behind me, Crying his eyes out.
"Your next." EJ said, in the most uncomfortable voice. Just then Crystal came in, jumping on top of Jack. Jack fell back.
"You little b*tch." EJ said. Crystal,was now covered in bl...
on May 22, 2014
Who's hotter?
Jeff's P.O.V

Everybody was sitting in the living room. Crystal was On my lap.
"I got a question; who's hotter? Crystal or Kate Upton?" I asked. It was SOOOO Crystal.
"Crystal." EJ said.
"Crystal." Lj giggled.
"Crystal." Masky and hoodie said
"Crystal." Jane laughed
."Crystal." Toby said.
"Crystal." BEN giggled. Everyone said Crystal. Crystal had her face buried in my neck. I lifted her chin up and she was blushing. Hard. We all watched a episode of CreepyTime and all headed to our rooms. M...
on May 21, 2014
I love u! EJxLiu *Lemon*
I decided to kind of do this lemon chapter just for fun! Yes this is part of this Jeffxcrystal story! You don't have to read if you don't want to! But this chapter hash ALOT of Sexual stuff!

Jack's P.O.V

I laid Liu down in my bed. Then closed and locked the door. I started kissing his neck, and he moaned. I went up to his lips, and started kissing him. I entered my tongue inside of his mouth. I began to slowly grind on him with my knee. He moaned again through the kiss. This made ...
on May 21, 2014
>.< <3
Jeff's P.O.V

It was winter, and I was FREEZING! Crystal was cleaning up, while I watched tv.
"Jeffy." She said throwing me a playboy.
"ERM, throw it out." I said with a blush., I threw it at her and she threw it in the trash. She finished, and stood up and stretched.
"Get your cute ass over here." I chuckled. She sat on my waist. Damn she was so light! Even with the baby. I rubbed her sides.
I sat up, leaning on the headboard, sill rubbing her sides. She blushed, rolling off of me.
on May 20, 2014
Crystals P.O.V

Liu. Held me tighter. We heard heard gu shots, and we all started to run. As soon as we all reached the mansion, Slenderman stormed outside to help Jeff. Then I realized, BEN wasn't with us. I jumped from Liu's arms, and ran to Ben's room. I opened the door and he was on his bed in a ball, watching tv. I walked towards him and sat on the bed, next to him.
"BEN, what's wring?" I asked. He sat up.
"W-well. A-Alex,he got mad at me cause I kissed..ERM Jack, and h-he, r-raped me."...
on May 18, 2014
Jeff's P.O.V

I woke up with Crystal snuggled up to my side with my arm wrapped around her. She woke up, and groaned.
"The gave me cramps." She groaned. I chuckled.
"Well, that's whats suppose to happen."' I chuckled. I went to go to the bathroom. While I was in there, I heard a scream. SHIT CRYSTAL! I ran out of the bathroom, and she wasn't there. I ran downstairs.
"WAKE YOUR ASSES UP! CRYSTALS GONE!" I yelled. Everyone running downstairs.
"NUUU SHIT!" EJ and BEN said In usion.
on May 17, 2014
Back to normal
Crystals P.O.V

He stopped breathing. I stood up, panicking.
"F*CK THIS!" I yelled. I ran Into his bathroom, and pulled out Life Reliever. My fingers were trembling. I opened the bottle, and poured it on Jeff. He opened his eyes, looking up at me.
"J-Jeff." I groaned. He stood up.
"I-IM S-SO S-S-S-S-SORRY!" He stammered. He looked at my broken wrist.
"D-D-Did I-I do t-that?!?!" Jeff asked. I nodded my head yes, and I started to cry more. What's gotten into him? Insanity? No that's already ...
on May 17, 2014
Stuff is gonna get pretty intense in the next few chapters of my Jeffxcrystal story XD just warned u guys so be prepared
on May 14, 2014
Crystals P.O.V

I woke up, and Jeff was sleeping. He soon woke up.
"HEY JEFFY CAN WE GO TO HOT TOPIC?" I yelled in his ear.
"Why?" He asked.
"'Cause! I wanna go!" I yelled.
"Later I promise." He said, kissing my lips. We walked downstairs.
"Uh Jeff. I got to go see my dad." I said. He nodded his head, and kissed me on the forehead. I threw on a thick sweater with fur in the hood, since it was December 10. I ran to my house, and dad was there.
"Remove that ball form your belly!" He laughed. He...
on May 14, 2014
I wuv u!
Ben's P.O.V

He lifted up my tunic. He gasped.
"BEN!" He yelled.
"Who did this to you?" He asked. I did it. The scratch was HUGE, with blood on it.
"I-I d-did it." I confessed.
"Why?" He asked, curing the cut. He wrapped bandages around it.
"B-Because..Link got hurt. I'm worried about him. He JUST CANT DIE!" I lied. I think he bought it. That was a random lie...
"Oh, Benny. He's gonna be fine. I promise." He said hugging me.
"I'm gonna let you rest." He said, walking out.

on May 14, 2014
Jeff's P.O.V

I rinsed out my hair. I was taking a shower. I stepped out, wrapping a towel around my waist. I walked out, and saw Crystal laying down, watching TV.
"Hey Mr. Smexy!" She giggled.
"Hello, Mrs. Smexy!" I giggled. I grabbed my shorts and boxers and ran into the bathroom. I slipped on the boxers and shorts. I walked out, combing my damp, black hair. I load down next to her. She nuzzled my neck, and I scooted closer to her. I held her, like a teddy bear. I played with her hair.
on May 12, 2014
J-Jeff? A-Alex!

Jeff's P.O.V

~2 weeks later~

I ran to the mansion as fast as I could. I told Jack and Ben the plan I was gonna do to surprise Crystal. They were gonna play 7 minutes in heaven, and I was gonna be in the closet already. Jack is gonna push Crystal in the closet and close the door, then the rest is gonna be a mystery...for now.
I slowly opened the door, and Jack was waiting for me. He shoved me in the empty closet. I heard faint talking, then crystals voice. I tried to hold in ...
on May 11, 2014
I miss u
1 month later

Crystals P.O.V

I was in the woods, sitting on a log. I decided to head back to the mansion. I was a TOTAL mess since Jeff left. I missed him so much. I opened the front door, to see Jack on the couch, his foot on the arm, playing his guitar. He was playing "you're so creepy" by Ghost Town.
"Hey Jack." I said.
"Hey." He replied. Ben was sleeping.
"Damn it, I miss Jeff so much." I said, holding my tummy. I sat next to sleeping BEN.
"He should be coming home soon." Jack said,...
on May 11, 2014
Crystals P.O.V

I woke up and EJ was next to me. He was sitting up, on his phone. I sat up.
"You hungry?" He asked.
"I'm thirsty though." I said. He Led me to the kitchen, pouring a cup of OJ for me. I gulped it down, putting the cup in the sink.

12 hors later

We were all heading back from a long day at the abandoned six flags. BEN jumped on the couch, cuddling him self in his fluffy blankets. I jumped into my bed, cuddling my self in my fluffy blankets. Just then i felt someone rub my ...
on May 10, 2014
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Ben's P.O.V

"Fine you little drowned b*tch." Jeff said to me, walking out. I sat on my bed, still cutting. I heard make out noises downstairs. F*ck dis shit. I grabbed my knife and plunged it in my tummy. I yelped. I stabbed my self. I'm committing suicide... The knife was deep in my belly. I blacked out.

"BBBENNNN!" Someone yelled.

Jeff's P.O.V

WHAT THE FUCKK HAVE I DONE? MY BEST FRIEND! SHIT! He was blacked out, covere...
on May 10, 2014