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Could someone help me?
I just went to middle school, I was homeschooled for half of the year, my friends are in middle school but not in my class. I'm a f$@&ing outcast. I'm bullied by a group of girls sometimes and I don't know what to do. I use my ...
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does anyone know who @animekitty123 is?
She is a girl who used to be on qfeast,she had a lot of problems with people and after a few mmonths, she just, left. :(
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hallo! did anyone miss me?
Sorry I was gone for a long time, I was grounded but I'm back so, yolo :p
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what country were you born in?
Were you born in France, Canada, Japan, or maybe Iceland?
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do any of you watch deadman wonderland?
Anyone? Cuz so far I haven't seen anyone on qfeast who watches this,
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why do people ship mangle and foxy?
Why? I think their little story's are cute but I'm just thinking why would they them if they no one knows mangle's true gender.
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