Look what personality I've got! What about you?
I just added this little Easter Egg because I needed a second personality to add to the quiz, since I couldn't post it with only one. XD
Anyway, congrats on choosing the only option in the quiz that would give you this ending!
If you'd like to know the truth, please retake the quiz, and don't choose the last option at the end of the quiz again that reads..."Far out man!"
Thanks again for taking the time to take this!

Dude: Whoa man...*seeing you standing here, having found the secret passage in*
You say far out too brah!? *a wide smile coming over his face*
That just makes you rad-sick in my eyes dude! *eyes shining*
Anyway, wanna play a game of poker with me dude? *getting his hopes up*
If you win, I'll show you the exit. If I win, we play again. Sound fair man? *grinning again, holding his deck of cards*
on October 04, 2015