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Whats the best dream youve ever had?
Mine is in my school hall and Ian Somerhalder come over to me and tells me not to be embarassed cause just fell over and then he hugs me ... so nice !! Whats Yours?
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Has anyone got any tips for learning how to cry on cue in acting?
I want to learn to cry in Drama so my performaces are more emotional any tips
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Please can you tell me if my picture of Damon Salvatore is actually good?
I drew this yesterday in front of Don't tell the bride please can you tell me what you think truthfully and any tips would be great thanks xxxxx Personally I think its fine but not brill ... how can Improve it going to look ...
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What Celebrity would you marry and what would be yoir dream future
ANY celebrity who would YOU choose and why? I would Choose Ian Somerhalder because he is totally gorgeaus!!!! and really kind and nice with charities and stuff
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Why can Vampires such as Katherine get into The Boarding House when Vamps normally have to get invited in in The Vampire Diaries
I just don't get why all Vampires in TVD can get into the Salvatore house please explain someone also want to meet other TVD Fans
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