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Qfeast's Official Anti-Trump Team
RULE 1.⚠️REPUBLICANS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED⚠️ This is Qfeast's official page for Trump haters. Do you hate Donald Trump? Well, if you do, then this page is for you! We must scold the disgusting President. Come here to hate on ...
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Cyber bullying prevention page
This is for people who was bullied and want it to stop, people are dying everyday because of cyber bullying, we need to stop this! Only people who i trust may put some positive stuff on the page, everyone who sees this put CYBE...
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Bts or any K-pop and K-drama Fanpage
If you like Bts, Blackpink,etc. here’s a page where you can put your favorite songs and other stuff
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No MOrE SChOOL HELP EnD THE mENTAL ABUSE plz save the children of today
THIS PAGE IS FOR KIDS WHO THINK SCHOOL IS STUPID AND DOESNT NEED TO BE HERE plz follow this page if u would like to stop the mental abuse
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Gay people are the best!
Gay people are the best they are funny, supportive, and they have the best personality also same with bisexual, and lesbian people.
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creepypasta fans plz come i'm wonwy
im lonly so pleez be my friend thank you bye bye💚💚😚😚🤗🤗😁😁😊😊😋😋
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Creepypasta fans
this is for people who love creepypastas. You can post wht ever you want on here but plz be respectful of others and all of u creepypasta haters keep your hateful comments off of here
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Creeoypasta fan page
This is for people who love creepypasta and loves to draw about them like i do
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