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If I was in the Dream SMP
This is a story based on if I was in the Dream SMP. I really love and simp for the characters in the SMP. Enjoy the story!
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For Da Peoples
For da peoples who wanted to know how I got married in Kindergarten. I think of this as embarrassing.
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Songs I'll post when I'm a depresso boi
Basically, I'll post songs here when I'm sad. The songs I post here will be sad and probably TW so ye-
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Song Requests
Yes tell me what song you want what's it called and the writer and I'll put it up on here!
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Some songs I found on Google
These songs aren't mine I will give credit to the original owners at the beginning of each chapter. Now without further questions, the songs I found on Google!
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Ask and dare me and my cat Toothless
When you ask or dare me to do something I will honestly do it but if it's my cat I'm just gonna have her walk on my keyboard to see what she types. Don't mind the photo for the book I had no other photo's on my computer.
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My Afton Family Alternate Universe
I made a poll to decide what to do and Afton Family got the most votes. 100% Well, let me say this...GENOCIDE!!
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I like DreamWasTaken and GeorgeNotFound and since Dream keeps Simping George I think it's time to make a DreamNotFound fan-fic.
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