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Is it embarrassing to tell your crush you like him?
I just want to know, because I don't want my crush to know I like him if it just going to embarrass me. I really don't want that..so I don't know what to do..so is it embarrassing for your crush to find out you like him ?
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How to tell a guy you like him?(for girls and guys to answer)
Ok So Im 15 turning 16 soon, and I really like this guy. He is the same age as me but turns 16 a month after I do. I've liked him for a while, like 6 months and I want to tell him my feelings for him, but how? What if he doesn'...
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Have you ever had glow in the dark ice cream?
I haven't, but most of my friends have and they say it's really cool! It sounds really cool, and looks cool!!
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