im nice funny smart I van make any one laph love hip hop go to mary more jada
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Do the popular girls love u
To see if u ar gonna date some one that's popular so u can know if ur popular hope u like ps it might be a little weird but it's still really really really sweet and cute well to me it is ! ! !
12 responses 2 by Limon
on August 16, 2015
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wich anime show should u be in
hi I hope u like this quiz I made this because I am a fan girl of anime there are like 6 awnsers hope u like it though I am so happy to make this. u now fan girls go all coo coo over what ur a fan girl of u know ok hope u like it
68 responses 36 by Limon
on August 01, 2015
Hi everyone I'm anime fan u know fan girl I hope you are all happy with everything hope u like the things I make ps:lemon isn't my name ok so just call me Ja Ja that's my real nick name I LOVE BLACK BUTLER SWORD ART ONLINE AND ATTACK ON TITAN AND INUYASH LAST ONE HEAVENS LOST PROPERTY those are the anime shows I now oops I forgot one its NARUTO those are the ones I know ok live well every one have fun at school ok I gotta go and make a quiz ok bye be cool like the seas in pease See More▼
on August 01, 2015
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on August 01, 2015