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Are YOU phycich?
Have you been wondering, 'How did I know what was going to happen?' or 'Why can I see that but no one else can?' Well, your in the right place! Hi. I'm Jade/Queen. I'm an Phycich who is very good, and I'm here to answer your qu...
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on October 07, 2016
Hi my name is Jade or Queen as my dad wanted to call me but call me whichever. Apparently I'm phycich. My friend said to try writing quizzes about demons and angels since I know about that kind of stuff. For some reason. I am drawn to the unixplaind, Holy and UnHoly. I find Thrill in reading stuff like that. So, I'll be creating quizzes about stuff on that subject. Choi !
on October 07, 2016
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on October 07, 2016