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What Video game do you like?
Do you have any favorites? if so type right here!
7 / 11 by YandereAyono
Should I make derp suffer?
I wanna make derp suffer help me decide if I should derp don't answer
3 / 4 profile questionby Zoey.1
Do you feel that Qfeast wouldn't have been as dead as it is now if it had better moderation?
I visited this website after a few months or so of not being on it and a year of not making any posts. One thing I noticed that when it was decently active was that, the only moderator was the Qfeast "team" which I assume consi...
6 / 0 by winry
Why should I vote you queen?
6 / 10 profile questionby DarkSpite_Spark56
Are you allergic to something?
I know some of my family are allergic likemy mom is allergic to peanuts and my aunt is allergic to eggs
11 / 13 by BatimGal11
To all young qfeasters
I just wanna say, if you want to do suicide, don’t. You should be grateful you are alive, and that you have a chance to live a full life . . . You won’t have to worry about dying, because you’re healthy . . . I’m saying this, b...
10 / 4 profile questionby OsakoLi
Tell Qfeast something about you.
If you want to, tell me and other people something about you. Maybe your favorite color, your gender, I don’t care just whatever you want to do. You don’t have to, though.
9 / 1 by Warrior_Cats1252
Just to make sure Qfeast isnt dead.
Please, anyone who is on Qfeast respond. Qfeast is dying and it might already be dead. Ive only been on qfeast since march 31st, 2018.
7 / 13 profile questionby NetherWorks
Do you like forklifts?
2 / 4 by DarkSpite_Spark56
Does anyone like this zombie apocalypse?
This was hardwork, HARDWORK!
4 / 9 by BatimGal11
You walk outside and someone randomly throws a fridge at you?
Do you hate it when you walk outside and someone randomly throws a fridge at you?
5 / 9 by NetherWorks
Does anyone watch Strymes M&G?
Well I did with a couple of videos and it seems ok!
2 / 2 by BatimGal11
Anybody have testaphobia?
Da fear of tests?
1 / 0 by NetherWorks
Does anyone like the Survior story?
I do and this is so amazing and intense! I’m not really into these things but I think I am now! I even thank FireSpark56 for creating the page and story! Hope you answer this if you like subscribed to these!
4 / 9 by BatimGal11
Favourite team in BFB
5 / 8 by DarkSpite_Spark56
How tall are you?
I’m only 5’2 the same height as my mom and what’s yours?
5 / 7 profile questionby BatimGal11
What/Who do you love?
It czab be an object, a person, or both. Even an animal!
6 / 12 by KoopaQueen
What is your interest?
Everyone likes different stuff. I like weather and I'm obsessed with it. That's my interest. What is yours?
4 / 0 by Kendall_Descalzi
Should i change my account name?
5 / 7 profile questionby NetherWorks