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Why is North so gay?
I just don't understand how someone can be as gay as this chick can.
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Tell me about your Zodiac
Okay so I'm actually gonna do this Manga thing and I'm actually going to draw a Manga about the Zodiacs being stupid as hell The only Zodiacs I know really well are Aries and Gemini (South is a Gemini and I'm an Aries that's wh...
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Would you join the Military Police, Stationary Guards, or the Scouting Legion?
Which would you chose? For the Glory of Humanity? For his Majesty the King? or For Peace and Order?
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How many of you girls will do this?
OK So me and @Breann.west.5 came up with this idea! You go onto all the girls profiles and say "THIS IS A BOOB WAR! *punches your boob* PASS IT ON" How many of you will accept the joke and pass it on :3
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