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on December 15, 2015
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What zombie boss are you?
What are your tactics? What specialties do you have? How do you get players to come to you? Submit your answers and if you don't like the zombie boss, try re taking if possible to get the zombies boss you want! Comment what zom...
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on October 15, 2015
Think like your favorite character, and you'll get him.
Tank Dempsey
Tank Dempsey
You kill for the hell of it! You are bold and aggresive and have fun with your kills! You enjoy Light Machine Guns and Pistols because they make you look bad ass and at the same time are effective, your first room weapon is the Olympia just to look like a beast with one hit kills. Though your signiture weapon would have to be the HK-21. You're favorite perk is Jugga'nogg and your favorite power up is the nuke! You go for strength over skill and kill as much as you can!
on October 15, 2015