I love to write and draw, it I really love Fnaf!
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Why do you like Fnaf?
What is it that you like FNAF? Maybe it's the backstory or maybe because you like horror games! But really, why do YOU like FNAF?
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Which is better? (41)
FNAF for the win!
Undertale is BEAST!
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Fnaf quiz (4)
Check your knowledge by taking this quiz and maybe learn some new facts you didn't know about springtrap
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The job
I jumped out of my car and walked down the long gravely parking lot. The Freddy Fazbears diner seemingly abandoned " I wonder if it still has children's birthday party's?" I jumped at the sound of a door opening slightly, a man in his late 30's emerging. He had a flashilight in one had and a graysish-blue in the other. He met me halfway across the parking lot and held out the outfit.
"Here's your outfit, and welcome to the job." I could tell he smoked by the way spoke. His voice reminded me ...
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My FNAF story
What I would think night guarding at Freddy fazbears diner would be like.( I don't know what this categorie would be in.) please tell me how I'm doing in the comments
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Is markiplier fabulous?
No. Me:*hide...
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