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Have you read The Fault In Our Stars?
I've just read the fault in our stars and it is so sad! I want to know what your reactions were!
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What annoys you?
I don't really need to explain the title its basically what it says! Just list the things that annoy you to death!
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Are you narcissistic?
Are you narcissistic? Or just an attention seeker? I made this cause apparently most of the people on qfeast are and the word is really fun to say!
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Your fave things!
Tell me your fave things!
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Should i read the maze runner?
I love reading and I was wondering if I should read the maze runner?
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Any good books? (1)
I love reading and I'm a massive fan of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Divergent so I was wondering if anyone could recommend some books! ( keeping in mind that I love Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Divergent )
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What is the difference between lipstick and lip gloss?
I am a massive tomboy so I don't know the difference! Any girly girls that can tell me
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Am i the only one who has read all the Wizard of Oz books?
I have read all 14 wizard of oz books and no one else has! Is there any one else?
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Is there any tv shows you would love to see again but have stopped airing on tv?
I have a few tv shows I would love to bring back! What about you? It can be anything even a toddlers show or a cartoon!
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What would happen if a zombie bit a vampire?
I have always wondered what would happen if a zombie bit a vampire but cant figure it out? Any good ideas?
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