My name is Kamiki. My descendants are Japanese but I was born and raised in the UK. I go by Kappa online.
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Naruto Quiz (2)
Test your knowledge on our No.1 knuckle head ninja! A quest for all you Naruto fans!
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on December 07, 2017
Look what canine I've got! What about you?
Raccoon Dog
Raccoon Dog
Friendly and smart. The raccoon dog is a small fox-like creature, it is also one of the few to hibernate. Because of this, it has gained a rather lazy reputation, which is somewhat true. It would rather risk being around humans than go out and hunt. However, it is rather active when it matters most.
on December 06, 2017
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Feral Dog Test
Which Feral Cainine are You? A wolf? Fox? Leit's find out! A personality animal related quiz.
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on December 06, 2017