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What Do I Do!?
So my mom thinks i am 1 of those girls who REALLY focuses on education and dont care about having a boyfriend, but i do have 1 and i focus MORE on education and today she asked me if i have ever thought of having a boyfriend or...
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OMG how many boys!?
This year a whole bunch of boys are noticing me! And crushing, flirting, stalking, and asking me out! But how!? Last year I was a total loser! And now its like I'm the hottest girl around my neighborhood ESPECIALLY at my aunts ...
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should I feel guilty?
Hi I am your new qfeaster and my question is should I feel guilty? So today I saw my ex and got in a fight (an old lady saw it, it was awkward!) And this other boy likes me and my ex was helping him spy on me today, and I caugh...
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