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wat other website should i have??
i need a new website 2 go on i have twitter, hotmail, qfeast and even stardoll i dont no which other websote i should get but i am not allowed 2 have facebook yet wat other website is good to have??
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help i need u help wat do i do???
ok well i had or have a crush on a guy at skool but i promised my self i would never like him again an 2day was the first day back from our holidays and i walked in feeling " i dont need him he was a cheater any way y would i l...
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will u follow me on twitter i need more followers????
I need more followers on my twitter acount so i can beat my freind i have 322 followers so if u gus have twitter plz follow me @JamesMwifee or Bella Maslow u r awesome. if u do follow me just plz answer this question and say i ...
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Is James Maslow & Halston Sage dating??
Hey I really need 2 no the answer 2 this question I really hope they r no dating but if u no could u tell me Plz.
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