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Who Thinks We Will Be Able To Save Boris The Wolf?
Boris: Help Me...'Alice' trapped my in her basement... and I'm scared...*shakes in fear* Me: HELP ME SAVE BORIS! PUT #SAVETHEWOLFIE If you want to save him with me... Bendy: #SAVETHEWOLFIE Me: Why? Bendy: *turns into Ink b...
2 / 0 by FuntimeBendy1234
Cherries or strawberries?
I don’t know.
2 / 0 by Mataways
What is this movie called?
So i remember watching this movie when i was very little (like 7 or 8) in my grandmas living room. I don't remember a lot about it because it was so long ago. I sorta remember maybe vampires in it? This one scene a girl was sit...
4 / 0 by PeachyKeen
What is your top three favorite movies?
My favorites include Ghostbusters(old ones),Robots(animated),and Singin in the Rain.(I know there classics except for robots.Oh and Back to the Future!And Balto!Its hard to pick three,so you can put as many as you want.By the w...
6 / 2 by Personwhoisawesome
Good usernames
If you think of a username post it here for people to use.
6 / 1 by ABgaminggirl
I'm going to write a story who wants to be in it?
Do you want to be in a story write your name and username and if you want your personality and looks
18 / 11 by ABgaminggirl
Why do you stay on Qfeast? *PLEASE read the descripton*
Please don't say "I stay for my friends", because I know that's the main reason. Is there any other reason than that?
14 / 3 by queen.nothing
On Qfeast, what or who do you know me as?
And please be honest. I know it’s pretty much gonna hurt me, but I may as well get it over with.
3 / 6 profile questionby Queen_Miku
What am I known in Qfeast?
Just wondering :3
4 / 3 profile questionby Maryanxtaillsdoll
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea!?
97 / 112 by Lord_Of_Cake
what do you think of me? (5)
negative or positive or both, idgaf be honest also i need rep points : (
8 / 10 profile questionby queen.nothing
What was your first reaction to..Creepy pasta?
What was the first ever creepy pasta story you ever read whether it was Jeff the killer, smiledog or even cupcakes(from mlp FiM). Post in the comments also don't forget to post your reaction.Did not know what to classify it as ...
13 / 2 by Cristallite
I'm writing a story and well..does anyone want a oc?
So it's called the celestial born. There's a preview in the a/n of my story under the moonlight. The basic oc form will be below in the description. ----> name:___Age: (optional but would be preferred) Element: (fire water eart...
5 / 0 profile questionby Cristallite
Describe Donald Trump
Well if Ya guys wanna rant about him here it is haha and since we have reputation points on here yay -_- I just wanna get my ads disabled plus I got bored haha XD
80 / 308 by Cannibalistic.Sweets
Ask the creepypasta guys
you can ask the guys now!
4 / 0 by creepypastafan1
What's your favorite video game? (1)
10 / 10 by DatOneGurl
Are You Ready For New Years?
Are You Ready For A New Year?
3 / 1 by Youtubeee