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What would you ask a creepypasta?
The questions will be answered!
10 / 3 by silvermoon43344
What kind of story should I Write? (1)
I cant figure out what kind of story to write... Any one have any ideas?
1 / 0 profile questionby SamanthaThehedgehog
Summer Camp Story! You in?
PLEASE READ ALL BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE SONIC OCS ONLY Back in the days of early Qfeast I had made a Sonic Horror Summer Camp Story for fun and lots of people seemed to enjoy it! Sadly due to drama starting, people includ...
11 / 10 profile questionby sapphirethehedgehog
Say your honest opinion of me in five sentences!
4 / 3 profile questionby EmilyTehPancake
When did you start qfeast?
7 / 0 by MoodyBird12
What are your thoughts on Justin Beiber?
So, I wanted to know who else hates Justin Beiber, and why does he have so many fans? I mean, I seriously don't understand. So, what do you think of him? I WANT TO KNOW. =^O.O^=
121 / 471 by vintagebird
Where would you seek refuge during the zombie apocalypse?
It can be any real world place.
3 / 0 by TeamLeoYo331
What YouTuber Are yo?
4 / 1 by apashu2000
What would you use to kill zombies: A sword or a gun?
Sword would be best for short range, when they are right on top of you. A shotgun takes a long time to reload, and the amunition could weigh you down. Most people know how to swing a sword, whereas, most do not know how to prop...
36 / 26 by Booknook74
Which of my Sonic couples do you ship the most?
You guys know I got a few Sonic couples in my fan-fic, but I want to know who you ship the most! It could be Sonackie. Kroma, Krisicle, or a totally new one!
5 / 2 profile questionby Queen_Miku
Describe ME in one word (1)
I'm curious to know what you all think of me as a whole. I'm also welcome to criticism, since I know I'm a right bitch.
10 / 4 profile questionby Queen_Miku
Do you like crossovers?
I do and tell meh ur fav crossover o3o
10 / 4 by xxredfeatherx
What's your favorite fairytail character?
Fairytail is my favorite anime of ll time, and I just wanted to see what people's favorite characters are!
3 / 1 by Lucky_the_whatever_26
YouTube QnA (with friends)
So, me and my friend she have created a a YouTube channel! And we need questions. Any kind of questions are fine, as long as it's directed to one person :P Request by: @The_Half_Glaceon_Girl (aka Maria :P) YouTube channel: Li...
8 / 11 profile questionby sapphirethehedgehog
What is your greatest weakness?
3 / 2 by UniversalRealms
What is your greatest strength? (1)
8 / 2 by UniversalRealms
One word for Markiplier
16 / 13 by TheFreakGirl
What pokemon mystery dungeon game is your favorite in the series?
Since I have been playing and close to finishing pokemon super mystery dungeon and am a fan of that series :3 I decided why not ask~
1 / 0 by Tariyukimew
How did you end up on qfeast?
How did you find qfeast? I wanted to ask this question because I joined qfeast almost esight months ago, and have many friends and love it, and I started thinking, 'how did I join qfeast?' and I could barely remember! So, I hop...
20 / 20 by Lucky_the_whatever_26