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What's Your Favorite Video Game?
Mine is Pokemon. I caught them all god dangit.
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How many ants are there on earth?
Just wondering...
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What's your most searched thing on google?
Mine's derp... I have no idea why...
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What are your favorite Five Nights at Freddy's Shippings?
Mine is Mangle X Foxy, Bonnie X Chica, Toy Bonnie X Toy Chica, and Chica X Foxy.
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If Another one if the Mane six Were to Become an Alicorn, who Deserves it the Most?
I think Applejack does.
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What is your favorite anime? (1)
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Does anyone here watch GameGrumps?
No, am I just alone...? K...I'll just hide in the corner... But seriously game grumps is best youtube channel.
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