About FoxyFox_Kota

  • .......🐾•°•°•°Bio Update°•°•°•🐾.......
    Fisrt name: Lucas
    Nickname at school: Cody (idk why)
    gender: take a guess!
    age: 13
    sexuality: pan
    height: 5'5"
    shoe size: 9 1/2 (US)
    best friend: *silence*
    worst fear: moving again (for the 7 time)
    Old username: LukasFox
    contact: foxyfoxfurrymusic@gmail.com
    Online friends are:
    She always there to give support
    Good feedback on all things I do
    "social" media:
    Location stat: Redding CA
    Band Rank: Lead Cornet
    Relationship stat: sometime last year she admit she like me... start of school i also say i really like her.... we go through everything together... i feel happy now
    A reason to hate me: I like furry vore
    Best reason to hate me: I a Fluffy Furry
    Quote: "Success is the Song of The Heart not a song of your bed"
    Random Fact: My hair almost long as a foot (sorry Europe)
    Do not hate me for being a Furry. Do not hate me for being Pan. Do not hate me for being Mexican. I am just asking so there no need listen. Haters that hate........ You no hurt me words are words, when used harshly they no affect me. I like to make friends not lose them. If you have a issue with me just say so! Thanks!
  • Gender Male
  • Lives in United States
  • High School Foothill High School
  • Joined Qfeast on April 15, 2018
  • Previous Username (last 6 months) LukasFox