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Favourite board game?
4 / 8 by FireSpark56
What happens next?
Bop-it (singing): This little light of mine! I'm gonna let it shine! This little light of mine! I'm gonna let it shine! This little light of mine! I'm gonna let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! *someone in th...
2 / 1 profile questionby Starlight_the_crusader
Should I post the comic I'm making?
Yew,it's a Sonic comic.Its about when my oc,named Soren,is a younger kid who is adopted by Sonic and his friends.The comic is going to mostly be funny,and I may even post it has a story on here too.So I'm asking if you would wa...
3 / 0 profile questionby Personwhoisawesome
Anyone game?
Anyone want to play Roblox? I'll be on. My account is Frodo2k14.
6 / 2 profile questionby Starlight_the_crusader
If I died, who would care.
I won't but just asking
25 / 26 by Dowogami_Is_In_Love
Who would you KMK?
Um KMK Stands for Kiss Marry Kill so just think of people you know and choose what you would do :'3 Mine are: Kiss: Izzy, Marry: Noa, Kill: Luan
3 / 1 by Dowogami_Is_In_Love
What to do when the police refuse to act?
This is actually a pretty serious question. I had a bunch of stuff stolen from my house last week, and we called the police, and they're refusing to do anything about it. It was a good amount of stuff that was taken. Enough ...
8 / 3 by twinkle.dinkles
Should i make a story telling of Jade's past and background or simply make a Q&A page for her?
I wanna know your guys's opinion. Most of ya i think know my OC by now, Luna Jade Tibleam Possible. And i get questions about her past and stuff. sooo, should i make a story about it or make a Question and Answer page for her? ...
2 / 0 profile questionby JadeTibleam707
Would you kill me or let me live?
2 / 0 by Tylove1924
What should I make my new OC's name?
I just redesigned my OC but I don't really want her to be a WC OC anymore haha So any good suggestions?
3 / 2 profile questionby Howlite
Would You want some Bad Words in The Fanfics ?
Hello I want to know if you guys wantsome cuss words in the Fanfics.
5 / 0 by MaylatheGalacticWolf
What do you think of me?
I'm just curious as to know what you guys really think of me
2 / 0 profile questionby tails_the_evil_doll
Have you ever had a paranormal experiance? And if so, what was it?
Tell me if you ever were faced by a paranormal being, or if strange, unexplained things happen to you. State all of your experience's, including rituals, such as one man hide and seek, and The Staircase Ritual. See my story "Cr...
8 / 5 by Silent_Ivy
I'm writing a story, but I'm having trouble picking a title.
It's about a girl, (Who i'm naming Amanda) Who moves into a new house, and discovers that it was once an insane asylum. The asylum name was The High Hills Asylum. Amanda starts seeing things, like a message carved into the wall...
2 / 2 profile questionby Silent_Ivy
What is your favorite ship in the whole world?
he ship doesn't have to be an Anime ship. It can be from YouTube or a video game if you would like. I am just curious about everyone's opinions. :3
3 / 0 profile questionby SherbertKitty
Who is your favorite YouTuber? (7)
I just wanna know...
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Is My Art Good?
There is a bunch of art on my page. Is it good?
3 / 1 profile questionby Bl00m
Who is your favorite creepypasta shipping?
Merry meet! My favorite ships is Ticci Toby and clockwork. What is yours?
4 / 2 by TicciTobyPsycho
Need story help read description
I'm making a choose your own adventure story on qfeast-- it starts from an early part of your life and all the choices affect your future. Its a challenge is to see who can achieve happiness or live the longest. Moving on to m...
2 / 1 by Spider_fam