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Should I do and the winner is...
Well I would do it but no one is voting probably they think I copy derp with his show the challenge
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Favorite fnaf song or custom fnaf song like one night at flumptys
Hey look he title says it
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What do you think about me?
The title says it
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What is your favorite quote from a horror movie?
I have so many but one would be do you like scary movies from the 1st scream
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What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?
You get it
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Do you ship John x tori?
You get the title
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Do you have a crush on someone who's not real?
I mean who are in video games storys or movies
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Out of my story's which do you love
Look at my story's those all of your chosen ones that have not come out yet don't count
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Do you ship me and Julianna?
I thought of this because tylove1924 said I'll ship it on my post when I said everyone follow dowogami_is_in_love/my love/my leafy/Julianna
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You favorite story on this site
Yes the story could be mine or yours or someone who quit here
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Do you like new penny wise or old penny wise?
I like new it's scary also check out the rap battle new penny wise vs old penny wise by Aaronfrashnash
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Are my story's bad
Please don't joke I really want to know
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Anyone wants to be in the future of mobuis keinoa's story
Anyone who has submitted for part 1 can submit for part 2 too only at least 5 characters you can be the normal mobians the robot followers the robot rebels (the robot rebels are mobains are turned unto robot but they still reb...
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Freddy or Jason?
I choose Jason Voorhees
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If you can buy two games what would it be
My would terrdrome and punch out for the wii
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Does anyone want to be in keinoa's story
If so Name: Age: Powers: Human or mobian: Friends: Crush: Forms: Good or bad: Weapons:
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Have you been on TV?
Cameos on screen for a few secs do count and any kind of channel counts
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Have you been blocked by someone you didn't know?
Let's stay you done nothing to someone who you haven't meeted on this site and you get blocked from them
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If you can bring back a TV show what will it be?
Anything that's not airing on TV
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