About EyelessJack

  • Hi There! Im 15 years old and am a female.Im American,German,Irish,Mexican,And Aztec Indian.Im emo and dont like when people tease people just because their different .Just because people are differnet it doesn't mean they don't have feelings and aren't human.I am nyctophilia meaning I find comfort in the dark or faver the night over the day.Music is my life and if you knew me then
    you'd know I listen to music everyday.Im intrested in CreepyPasta's and my favorites are Masky,Hoody,and Eyeless Jack.Im into Marble Hornets and anime.Im very weird and will
    most likely bite your head off if you tease me,or close
    friends....BYE~! <(^.^<)
  • Gender Female
  • Born on February 14, 1998
  • Lives in United States
  • Works at Nein
  • University None Yet
  • High School School Of Arts And Enterprises
  • Joined Qfeast on November 05, 2013