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The Anime hub
The latest news on anime and anime memes, and more! basically a anime news program and stuff~
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Join this group and roleplay of anything or anyone please try to avoid any hate! Hope you like this group!
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Some Things Should Be Left Forgotten...
This will be a really sad page. You guys should become members if you are into stuff like this.
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future war RP
this is a warrior RP page make your character and RP to your hearts contents
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Pizza Chica Is Derp!
Chica loves her pizza and she goes derp when she does not have pizza. Check it out!
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Anime and Manga
This is a page for people who love or are interested in anime and manga or one of the (example just interested in anime) you can share your pics of drawing,sites or even movies or just Radom cool anime or manga pics
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Please become a member if you love japan or even Japanese or any other reason please don't hate Japan is awesome. Post anything about Japan and it cannot be mean.
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